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'm here to say to the american people that we will -- on behalf of resident obama and the administration, i'm here to say to the american people that we will adhere to the laws and stay true to the values that define us as americans. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mr. brennan. it is almost 1 p.m. i hope you can stay a few minutes to take questions. then we will turn it over to the audience for questions. please no statements. asked questions. first, the call for greater transparency is certainly appreciated by me. i think that the clearer we can make policies and the better we can explain them and the more debate we can have in the public square about them, the more they will be understood and they will persuade the would-be suicide bombers about to step on a vest that there is a better answer. we have to win the argument in the end with the next generation and not just take out those who cannot be rehabilitated and this generation. honoredant to say havowow we are that you would make a speech at the woodrow wilson center. the fact that the u.s. makes targeted strikes usin
. obama praised the half million americans who have served in afghanistan, and acknowledged the 2000 military and civilian personnel who have lost their lives in the eleven years' of war. >>> in other news of the world, in mali, french troop as recoveried to support government's effort to retake the northern part of the country from groups linked to al-qaida. this video was shot yesterday as french soldiers prepared to to deploy from chad. they were there to stop the creation of a "terrorist state at the doorstep of france and europe." in syria, government troops reported to make advancements in retaking a suburb of damascus after two months' of heavy fighting. that comes a day after militants took a airstrip in western syria. there are reports that more than 60,000 people have been killed in syria since fighting started in march of 011. >>> in saudi arabia the king has granted women 30 seats on the nation's top advisory council. most is seen as a positive step for women's' rights. women in saudi arabia must have permission from before traveling, getting married or even going to a ho
looks at that time and we have a debate on it and i hope president obama explains to the american people what he is doing. if he decided the game isn't worth the candle, he should say that and explain why he ordered the surge that bob mentioned three years ago and now and we sent an awful lot of kids over there and why he is now just getting out. >> chris: you talked about congress. let me flip to the other subject. in comes as the president named a new national security team and as i discussed with the senators the most controversial pick is chuck hagel for defense secretary. here is what hagel said this week when was named. >> i will do my best for our country and for those i represent at the pentagon and for all of our citizens. and mr. president, i will always give you my honest and most informed counsel. >> chris: the question, bill, is what kind of counsel hagel will give. we talked with the senators about his positions on israel and iran and what we didn't mention s that he also said that he thinks the pentagon budget is bloated and needs to be pared down? >> the comment was to le
tax cuts for wealthy americans, ultimately, president obama signed an extension of the tax cuts for all taxpayers. now four months later, the president and congressional leaders cut a budget deal that cut $38 billion in federal spending for t year. that agreement, if you recall, came less than two hours before the government would have shut down. in august of the same year, the white house and congress were in the same position, bumping up against the debt ceiling, the provision of the deal created the fiscal mess which we have still not solved. at congress closed out 2011 with the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits, two days before christmas. yet another massive fight on relatively modest stop-gap measure that both sides had largely agreed on. of course i don't need to remind you about the fiscal cliff fight that we just got done with. congress could not come to an agreement even as massive spending cuts and tax hikes were scheduled to take effect. congress still hasn't had enough. now we have three more fights looming. the debt ceiling isn't raised by mid february or ea
shall issues they say they may act unilaterally on. where does that leave the american people? >> i think those critics who say that about president obama's strategy they are probably right. president obama has a strong hand he has a better hand in washington than republicans do. the problem with things like gun control; in the senate even modern democrats join with republicans. if he tries to do something unilateral with debt ceiling or with guns the fight we are seeing right now and the fights we have seen in the last four years they will pail in comparison to just how locked down the whole city becomes over something like that. it would be such an incredibly melcose stand for the president to take especially on something like guns. probably less so in the debt ceiling. another thing that is shocking it senate majority leader reed and those in the senate acting unilaterally. when the last time you heard a chamber of commerce saying take the power away from us. he lost his power. >> nancy pelosi has been saying that on a number of issues as well. the american voters went to the pol
of the american people in this debate. >> reporter: president obama has said he wants to lay it on some of the proposals his task force gives him in the state of the union address. that task force led by the vice president is going to give president obama their recommendations on tuesday in the state of the union is scheduled for february 12th, one month from yesterday. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> fox news is taking a closer look at the gun control debate with a special hannity airing tonight featuring a studio audience compromised some of the new yorkers who were outed by the journal news for having gun permits. that is at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. >> arthel: growing concerns over the shortages of flu vaccines as sick americans are overcrowding emergency roommates and the cdc says the flu outbreak is reaching epidemic levels with new york state declaring a public health emergency. anna has more. >> reporter: this year's strain is nasty. it's particularly bad making people sicker for longer. hospitals around the country have seen spikes in flu rela
. americans are afraid that president obama will chip away at the second amendment. you will hear more of what the nra president had to say today on cnn's "state of the union" with candy crowley. and that will be coming up. >>> tomorrow marks one month since the school massacre in newtown, connecticut a town hall has been scheduled for tomorrow and resident he is today are meeting to discuss what to do with the sandy hook elementary school which now stands vacant. cnn national correspondent, susan candiotti is in newtown. susan is there any consensus among the people who are speaking about what to do? >> reporter: oh, marty, i think at this stage, people would be surprised if there would be a consensus. i mean, it's so early and so fresh in everyone's mind. after all, 27 people were killed during that terrible mass shooting, including -- including several children ages 6 and 7. and at this meeting, we heard a range of opinions about what should happen. this lasted an hour and a half. i was struck by the number of sandy hook parents who were here. one of them said this was such a horrible thing
finestein and president obama and not us. they are the ones who are scaring american gun owners and it is not the nra, but we do say that one of the core mission, and the nra has been around since 1871, and from the 1970s on, we have emerged as the defender of second amendment rights, and that is a core part of the mission. >> sure. but in that, do you support gun ners or gun mfers? >> gun owners and our members and the people in the country who believe in the second amendment. with we have had our differences in the past, if you know the history of the nra with the gun manufacturers, because it is not our constituency. our constituency is twofold, the american people who want to own guns and use them legally, and it is the second amendment, itself. >> david keene, president of the nra, thank you for joining us this morning. >> any time. >> while washington debates gun control, connecticut's governor pays tribute to the fallen. >> in the midst of one of the worst days of our history, we also saw the best of our state. teachers and therapist who sacrificed their lives protecting
east and continue to project american power. do you view it that way? >> the first obama administration was also not an administration saying let's go find some place to bomb. neither, for that matter, was president bush's eight years. we fought the wards that we felt were necessary. president bush worked hard to try to solve other problems through diplomatic means. and so i think it's a little too stark to make this kind of characterization. i, as you well know, always believed that we should try to avoid war. we should be willing to talk to friends and willing to talk to enemies. and try to find a solution that's peaceful. but when do you find it is necessary to use military force, use it with a clear political objective in mind and use it for a decisive result. that's the kind of attitude that chuck haiglogical bring to the equation. we will be careful. he will give the president his best advice on the use or non-use of military force, how to solve the problem diplomatically. i'm sure he will be a great companion with can any that regard. it's a good team. i think it's a very,
obama that might land differently with african-americans than they do with the general public, so it is i think a question about framing, but i also think it's got to be about specificity. the gop, for instance, now talking about spending cuts. are they prepared to say the "m" word? are they prepared to talk about medicare and are they prepared to talk about social security? so in some ways they are dancing around and being vague about entitlement and spending cuts but have been really loathe to get down to specifics. >> nia, there you go. you had a name there, colin powell. maybe that's the person you'll add to the list. >> stay with us. don't go anyway, ari, nia and matt. still ahead, how will the united states react to vice president joe biden's gun safety recommendations that will be coming out we expect on tuesday. we'll pick it up there when we come back. the place for politics, msnbc. . spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomforta
in an american president. that leaves an ambiguity and creates uncertainty and it's something that is wrong. this has been raised to a presidential level by president morsi, our president, president obama, should come back and say, this is off the table. he is going to die in an american prison, end of discussion, that's it. >> eric: i am so sorry about your neighbor. one of the victims of that terrorist attack. i mean, isn't it enough to you, obviously, it's not that the state department says they have no plans for this. why do you think the president hasn't said something? do you expect him to say something, potentially when president morsi comes? >> i think he say if and say it beforehand. those are lawyer-like words to say there are no plans or talks going on. they are not ruling it out for the future. that's what they have to do. last august or september, i sent a letter to justice department, state department and others because -- the department of homeland security because people in the intelligence community and people in the law enforcement community came to me and they told me, th
will talk about jack lew who has served at the treasury department under clinton and obama. is great to see you again. jack lew claim to fame to create a surplus bet americans are up in arms? >> nobody has a better resonate and jack lew who was an aide to tip o'neill during the reform of social security. republicans are really just playing partisan. lori: over the last three years ago with budget director u.s. has run deficits over $8 trillion per year in that rate is of contention with criticism. >> a lot of that's is more partisan fear than reality. one interview that he did when the president proposes budget that spending on government programs would balance with the revenues to equalize. their rubies smaller running deficits but that was the course scope and size issue. they said it is semantics but that is not the case. lori: do they not like him because he is a tough negotiator? >> that is part of it. >> except john kerry every nomination is criticized even in hagel is not good enough. so the backdrop of the obama was working in with a first term and dynamics were different but that w
is a good thing because washington desperately needs fresh thinking on the topic. in 2013, president obama will face a crisis with regard to iran. he has categorically ruled out containing an iran with nuclear weapons. so, either iran will capitulate completely to american demands or the united states will go to war with that country. since the first option is extremely unlikely and the second extremely unattractive, the obama administration needs to see if there is a path through which it can pressure iran to make a deal. in a thoughtful essay in the current issue of "foreign affairs" the columbia scholar jurvis points out that this kind of coercive diplomacy, at least from washington, has rarely worked. he points out in panama, 1989, iraq, 1990, serbia, 1998, afghanistan, 2001 and iraq, 2003, washington tried sanctions pressure and the threat of force to get leaders to change course, it didn't work. and washington had to make good on its threat to go to war. with north korea, coercive diplomacy also failed, but in this case, washington decided against military action choosing, instead, t
. >> the two people who were selling so-called assault rifles are senator feinstein and president obama, not us. they are the ones that are scaring american gun owners. it isn't the nra. >> tomorrow marks one month since the massacre in newtown, connecticut, and residents are meeting there this afternoon to discuss what to do with the sandy hook elementary school which now stands vacant. susan candiotti is in newtown is there any consensus among the people there, those who have been speaking, about what to do? >> reporter: marty, everyone has a different idea and we have been hearing lot of them during the course of this meeting, which is still going on. it's a public forum. one of the ideas even included creating a planetarium there so that people could go there and look at the stars. what was most powerful about this was the number of parents, victims and survivors, speaking before this crowd, some of them, at times, breaking down into tears. for example, one mother who said, "the children are so scared there, they shouldn't go back they should tear down the school, blood memorial there." ano
, the independent line. host: good morning. i just wanted to know, how does the american people think it is totally obama's galt we are in debt? we had things going on such as the war that caused so much money. that -- that cost so much money. we have jets, we have so much put out to protect us. how could people be so upset, wondering if obama will be able to go through with all this. the paperwork has to go through some of the hands before it gets past anyways. if he does not get votes, how would it even pass? host: thank you. from the weekly standard, taxation without cessation. from the editorial -- i will not give you all the members, but a couple of points -- that is from the weekly standard, the editorial this morning. some other news on this sunday morning. overseas in egypt, an egyptian court has granted hosni mubarak on appeal for his life sentence. that is according to a retrial of the ousted president. mubarak was convicted and sentenced to life in june for failing to prevent the killing of some 900 protesters during the uprising in 2011 that ended his 30-year rule. today's verdict was r
. we are just a week away from the inauguration. and president obama's no doubt well along in composing his address. will he make one for history? will the model for most of americans what many consider the greatest speech in american history is abraham lincoln's second inaugural. lincoln spoke to the great divisions the country faced then. toward the end of the civil war. here's a diagramization. >> with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as god gives us to see the right. let us strive on to finish the work we are in. to bind up the nation's wounds. to care for him who shall have born the battle and for his widow and his orphan. to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves. chris: liz, we got divisions but nothing like the civil war. 600,000 people dead. but this -- will the president offer a unified theme or laundry list in this inaugural? >> i think it's safe to say that he's going to try to find some kind of uniting theme to bring the country together. and to create a sense of purpose, common purpose in this speec
into question the legitimacy of the federal government. i advise mr. obama to consider what happened to george the third, when he was doing similar things against the americ americans. >> you are likening him to george the third? >> that was one of the major contributory elements to our war for independence. george the third, as you know, was so stresds by the loss of his famous favorite colony, he ended his days in a nut house. i wouldn't wish that on anybody. >> when you look at you, you look for a sense of humanity from you. you could react to the sandy hook massacre, the way i did, and others d i never see it. all i see a determined attempt to make sure the only outcome is that gun manufacturers sell more guns, as we saw in december, record gun sales and ammunition. >> where is the humanity to tell people, they must be victims, sit there patiently and wait their turn for a bullet. is that humanity? >> where is the humanity in doing nothing after these massacres? >> the reality was being able to do nothing during the massacre. that is the lack of humanity that is what we are trying to rect
away -- >> we're watching we the people to allow americans to directly petition the white house. >> reporter: noble concept, kind of thing obi-wan or obama wa nchn ki kenobi would have thought of. if that 25,000 agreed, the administration would sponz. but they began to petition for strange things from recognizing ping-pong as a school sport to deporting perceiers morgan for views on guns but the most popular idea of all. a petition to, quote, secure resources and funding and begin construction of a death star by 2016. the reason, to quote spur job creation and strengthen our national defense. nearly 35,000 people went online and agreed and the white house true to its word responded saying interga lactic domination probably isn't the best idea in the universe, first the price tag, a budget gusting 850 quadrillion dollars and the administration does not support blowing up planets and the best, why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a death star with a fundamental flaw that can be expolited by a one-man starship? all politics aside, they do have a point. and the white hou
interesting question. from the americans' perspective, at least certainly from the obama administration's they'll argue it's effective. but a lot of people are raising questions from the ethics, the legality of it. it creates a sense of resentment where the strikes happen. international experts have expressed questions whether the united states can continue these air strikes in this environment especially with al qaeda being decimate with so many assessments. there's a raging debate outside the united states that i don't think most americans are aware about as to the legality and the ethics of this time of attack and the toll that it's taking. it may have a short-term strategic objective but in the long run a lot of people are questioning whether or not it's going to breed more problems for the united states in the years ahead. >> ayman molyehedin, thank you. investors should be on the lookout for the beginning of the earnings seasons with banks and financial companies reporting their bottom line results. retail sale figures come out on tuesday as does the monthly report on wholesale prices fo
're watching a new online tool called me the people to allow americans to directly petition the white house. >> reporter: it was a noble concept, the kind of thing obi-wan or obama wan kenobi would have thought of. >> help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. >> reporter: to go on to the website, and petition for change. if 25,000 citizens agreed, the administration would respond. but faster than a light sabre, people began petitioning for all kinds of strange things from recognizing ping-pong as a school sport to deporting piers morgan for his views on guns, but the most popular idea of all -- >> i have a bad feeling about this. >> reporter: a petition to, quote, secure resources and funding and begin construction of a death star by 2016. the reason? to, quote, spur job creation and strengthen our national defense. nearly 35,000 people went online and agreed, and the white house, true to its word, responded saying intergalactic domination probably isn't the best idea in the universe. first the price tag, a budget-busting $850 quadrillion and second, the administration does not support
. the president and the obama administration does not want to use forcing a gains iran. but that option is e two. gun control. national and state. >> there is nothing that has pricked the consciousness of the american people, there's nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the visual image people have of little six-year-old kids riddled -- not shot with a stray bullet, riddled, riddled, with bullet holes in their classroom. and the public demands we speak to the. >> this week in the wake of the shooting in newtown, connecticut, that left 20 elementary school children and six adults massacred, vice president joe biden and president obama's request, led a task force to address the broad, sensitive, and inflammatory issue of gun control. gun groups like the national rifle association, presented views to the biden task force which has addressed specific proposals. notably, reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 and close loopholes. require standardized universal criminal background checks and mental health background checks at gun shows and through private dealers.
't going to move back into afghanistan. i think all americans want our troops home. keep our troops there safe. when you reduce your number complete, coordinated with the afghan authorities and filled by terrorists. >> president obama says the goal of making sure al qaeda al qaeda to launch afghanistan quote within reach. harris? >> so he met with president karzai yesterday and then i understand president obama had a meeting at the pentagon having to do with some of this. what you can tell us about that. >> the white house says this was really a fitness test at the health clinic at the pentagon today. part of the medical checkup coordinated by a doctor. the president was there at the pentagon for two hours. the results of the test will be released before the end of the month. molly henneberg thank you very much. good to see you. >> right now victims of the serial killer it's been years since we have even spoken his name. his rage grabbed the nation's attention and left communities frozen in fear. how it could effect families with missing loved ones. >> just what did vice president j
over more responsibility to the afghans. mr. obama met with president hamid karzai at the white house yesterday. the pair discussed ways to wind down u.s. military presence in afghanistan as the american mission there officially ends in 2014. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." this s a crime time in prime time alert. in the stew yo steubenville, o, football rape case there is word that those who testified have not been granted immunity from prosecution as had previously been reported so that throws open the possibility that the players who shot those hideous videos and pictures of the rape victim comatose being handed around the picture takers may also be prosecuted. as the local board of education urges other student witnesses to come forward, craig has the latest on the big red rape case. >> she is better than casey anthony. >> in a drunken rant, ex-steubenville hig high school football player is taped. a girl passed around like a ragdoll and allegedly raped during a summer party hosted by former players of the current team known locally as big red. >> it is rap
also thanked the president and endorsed with him the sacrifices of american men and women in uniform and those of other countries accordingly i also informed president obama of the sacrifices of the afghan people of immense sacrifices of the afghan people in the past 10 years both of who are the servicemen and of the afghan people, i'll be going back to afghanistan this evening to bring to the afghan people the news of afghanistan standing shoulder to shoulder with america as a sovereign independent country but in cooperation and in partnership. thank you mr. president for your hospitality. >> thank you mr. president. >> we've got two questions each i think from the u.s. and afghan press. we'll start with scott wilson of the "washington post." >> mr. president, does moving up the deadline for the transition to an afghan security role lead mean that you'll be winding down u.s. troops faster than you expected this year? and as specifically as possible, how many troops do you expect to leave in afghanistan beyond 2014 for the two mission youse outlined and would you consider leaving any
in america if he does not like the gun control that president obama and vice president biden come up with. this is really upsetting to me, it is profoundly and american an anti-patriotic -- un-american and anti-patriotic to threaten war if they do not get their way. those threats are all over again discussions in this country. -- gun discussions in this country. i would like one of your colleagues to speak out about this, threatening violence if you do not get your way is not part of a american way. [applause] thank you. >> i am from santa rosa. i have a daughter. they're studying this issue in the world history. 44 people were killed when a school board member plop the school -- plop the school. the issue is of violence. -- blew up the school. the issue is of violence. from an analysis of 102 rampages, they were not a truck, they were not - drunk, they were not on drugs. the analysis showed that most of them had mental illness issues. also, most of them were unemployed. a significant number of them threatened violence prior to the event. i hope we can focus on solutions to address the me
president obama's nominee for defense secretary former nebraska senator chuck hagel. our guest is gary schmidt with the american enterprise institute followed by emerging markets in developing country. we're joined with morgan stanley investment management. he spends one week in a different developing country and will discuss his book "breakout nations." live on washington journal on c-span. >> if you ask how many are self-identified libertarians, depending on which poll you look at, you might be getting between 10% and 15%. if you ask questions like if you give people a battery of questions about different ideological things like do you believe in x and do you believe in y? then you track those, depending on which poll you get up to 30% of americans that call themselves libertarian. if you ask the following question -- are you economically conservative but socially liberal you say half of americans saying that that's what they are. just because people say these things it doesn't necessarily mean they believe them. if you ask most americans do you want smaller government, you say yes.
it the "harvard problem" but the basic social networks. the entire rise of barack obama was in some ways building a parallel set of networks to the one that had existed in african-american politics particularly in primary states that had engendered a lot of frustration and anger. >> so whenever they get an opportunity to voice that frustration they do. >> but i thought the line about the harvard problem was an interesting and important one. you do see this -- and, you know, i'm in this, right? i've seen this firsthand because i've been embedded in that world. people that went to expensive fancy schools together know each other. people that work together at the same law firm, the ones that pay six figures, know each other and those networks of power are the networks in this administration and the administration before that and the administration before that, tended to channel people in and i don't know where the alternatives are. one alternative is the united states military which actually works as a fairly good engine of social mobility in terms of getting people through the ranks that come from
, he doesn't believe that president obama believes every word of the bible. if you don't believe every word and many americans don't. >> because we don't practice all ten commandments take them down from the courtroom. right now it totally makes sense to do what he is suggesting, get rid of the bible, get rid of any prayer in the inauguration, right? we should get, totally take "in god we trust" off the dollar bill. we should absolutely get rid of any expression whatsoever of religion, if we believe, if we believe that true meaning of separation of church and state means that god stays within the walls of a church. and that's what these activists are doing. we should also take the mention of god out of our constitution, in god we trust, really? >> well, this guy is not going to be happy, the president is going to double down, he's going to have two bibles, one from abraham lincoln and martin luther king. >> well done, but as i said in god we trust, one nation under god out of our constitution, and get rid of it altogether and if you believe what these activists believe, that is that th
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